Visual content creation in one place

WhoCanShoot is a modular platform that helps teams to plan, produce and deliver content from start to finish.

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End-to-end workflows

From briefing
to payment

WhoCanShoot projects let you share everything with clients and collaborators: talent packages, location selections, invoices, previews and even final assets.

Collect feedback, create a database of people and locations you regularly work with and even transfer and collect payments online.


Bring everyone on board

Invite clients to give feedback on talents, invite co-creators to upload assets or let your colleague take over an ongoing project. 

With WhoCanShoot everyone gets an account to collaborate on projects, with admins having full control over who can view and edit what part.

Features made for content creation

Asset gallery

Share previews and finals
Rate, comment, flag and deliver assets
 Data insights on who viewed which file


Create and manage talents
Share talent selections
Collect feedback and track availability

Shot lists & story boards

Create and share shot lists
Add images to make story boards
Keep everyone in loop


Manage in-house, rental or public locations
Create location selections
Get feedback and share with the team


Shared production calendar
Mange events, availabilities and more
Give clients access to a project calendar


Manage collaborators and clients
Store contact details to make call sheets
Give external contacts access to projects

Invoices & payments

Create invoices or upload your own
Send invoices and track payment status
Enable online payments for your clients

Offers & contracts

Coming soon

Create and share contracts and offers
Collect digital signatures
Use templates for efficiency


Coming soon

Collect information and files from clients
Let clients request your service following a standardised structure

Client portal

The wow moment for your clients

Client communication in one place: Branded projects, overviews, emails and more make the most professional client experience.

Clients get access to a digital hub for all projects with you.

Built to empower every team


Make or buy decisions for content
Freelancer management
Find local creators

Content agencies

Collaborate with clients and creators
Share project assets
Branded client login


Get new job opportunities
Find co-creators
Improve client's experience

Talent agencies

Manage represented talents
Propose talents to clients
Manage events and availabilities


Produce content on demand
Hire creators and agencies
Analyse spendings

Production companies

Bring the whole team on board
Schedule events and manage tasks
Branded client login


Coming soon

Who Can

WhoCanShoot is more than a software solution. We're building a network of highly talented individuals and companies, to make connections within the industry easy. Set up your digital portfolio today, connect with others tomorrow.

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